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By October 14, 2016


We are looking for volunteer Mentors to join the CoderDojo Toronto team, so we can bring our highly demanded kids coding workshops to more locations in the GTA! A CoderDojo Mentor is a technically skilled individual who guides CoderDojo attendees and facilitates tvolunteer mentorshipheir learning. A Dojo is similar to an after school club, and it is important for it to be fun, interactive and different from the attendee’s usual learning experiences. As new Canadian Dojos are set up and run by volunteers, each will have a different set of skills and way of learning available to them. The main role of a Mentor is to help attendees through the basics of coding and to assist them in their own self-led learning by creating their own projects. CoderDojo’s learning philosophy is inherently project based, so attendees will work on their own ideas and apply them to websites, games, robotics, etc. Mentors should encourage young people to continue their quest for knowledge at CoderDojo and should inspire young people to create with code. What and how people learn can be influenced by the preferences and skill sets of the Mentors they have helping them. The interests and abilities of the attendees will be the main guiding force, helping Mentors to decide what content to cover. This is an ongoing volunteer position, and can be attributed to any college program with approval from professor.

By becoming a Mentor you are becoming a part of a really worthwhile movement. You are given the opportunity to teach the next generation of digital creators many skills that they will inevitably need in our ever changing, technical society.


  • Learn existing resources, so you can be a better mentor by being able to troubleshoot issues and answer more in-depth questions. Kids are clever!
  • Commit to attend CoderDojoTo workshops regularly
  • Work with students to help them work through resources and other workshop materials
  • Create a positive, fun, and enriching environment for participants

Required Skills:

  • Having a genuine passion and interest in technology
  • Basic to advanced skills in computer programming (e.g. Scratch, AppInventor, Java, or any other languages or software commonly used in technology)
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of people with a variety of skill levels

Oh my! You must be too good to be true:

  • Update the WordPress website, create & send newsletters, and support social media channels as required
  • Contribute to curriculum development
  • Champion your own CoderDojo location (with support to make your group a success)

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