Curriculum Curator/Contributor

By October 14, 2016


We are looking for Curriculum Contributors – with different areas of expertise – to join the CoderDojo Toronto team, so that we can continue to build our learning resources for young coders! A CoderDojo Curriculum Contributor works on a team creating digital and media literacy workshops, and associated learning materials for young people and technology enthusiasts alike. A workshop can be similar to a recurring after school club or an independent activity, and it is important for it to be fun, interactive and different from the attendee’s usual learning experiences. The main role of a Curriculum Contributor is to design, develop and deliver digital making workshops and lessons to young people and/ or facilitators looking promo-superpowers-femaleto offer their own similar programs in conjunction with CoderDojo. CoderDojo’s learning philosophy is inherently project-based, providing all sorts of opportunity to experiment with various technologies including websites, video games, robotics, etc. What and how people learn can be influenced by the preferences and skill sets of the Project Officer. The interests and abilities of the attendees are the main guiding force, helping Project Officers decide on what content to cover. This is an ongoing volunteer position, and can be attributed to any college program with approval from a professor. Your work will be shared with the 1000 CoderDojo groups around the globe who are teaching people to code.

By becoming a Curriculum Contributor you are becoming a part of a very worthwhile movement. You are given the opportunity to teach the next generation of digital creators many skills that they will inevitably need in our ever changing, technical society.


  • To design and develop digital making workshops and associated learning materials for young people and facilitators of relevant programs. These will include interesting, current and relevant technical content presented in a way that is appropriate for the intended audience
  • To deliver digital making lessons and workshops involving children and technology enthusiasts in an interesting and safe environment.
  • To assist in the recruitment and training of volunteer mentors to run CoderDojo workshops and provide them with the support and guidance on curriculum lessons, materials and CoderDojo best practices
  • To consult, engage with, and refer interested stakeholder organizations (such as technology companies and educational institutions) interested in supporting CoderDojo
  • To assist in the running of the CoderDojo website and social media channels to promote the brand’s best practices and co-ordinate activities
  • To provide administration support in responding to general enquiries
  • To provide an integrated, co-ordinated and professional level of service to our customers & clients at every point of contact.
  • To carry out other reasonable duties/ tasks as required, to deliver and meet the objectives of CoderDojo


Required Skills:

  • Having a genuine passion and interest in technology, innovation and all things creative
  • Basic to advanced skills in computer programming (e.g. Scratch, AppInventor, Java, or any other languages or software commonly used in technology)
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of people with a variety of skill levels
  • Experience in conveying and teaching coding and software development to young people
  • Experience in co-ordinating technology-linked programs for people is an asset
  • Project management and/ or planning experience is an asset
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Flexible to work evenings, weekends and holidays as required
  • A willingness to work hard often under pressure
  • Resourceful, creative and logical approach to projects
  • A high degree of commitment to the CoderDojo mission
  • Ability to prioritize and work towards tight deadlines
  • A flexible approach to meet the overall deadlines and needs of CoderDojo




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