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Ruby like it’s Sunday – CoderDojoTo 1 a success!

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cdto_2This past Sunday the first CoderDojo event in Toronto was a total success! Our workshop leader Adnan taught our group Ruby! Perhaps it’s ambitious to proclaim that just over 2 hours of action packed and exhilarating string manipulation can imbue the entire language, however, it is safe to say that the spark was there for the students as they learned the basics and wrote programs to dazzle their parents and taunt their siblings.

We are fortunate to have the space for this session graciously donated by Ladies Learning Code, check out their upcoming National “Learn to Code” Day. We are also most grateful to the CoderDojo foundation who has empowered us, like many others, to offer this day to future coders.

We even had our first testimonial from Anna, age 17:

Thank you so much! I enjoyed learning about computer programming! It was very fun learning step by step. I was also able to learn many new things as well. Im glad i was able to make it. Thanks again for the information about today and for letting me use your laptop!

Moving forward, we are excited to continue this program and will be announcing upcoming events. Make sure to follow us on your preferred social account.