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Autism Society of Ontario research study

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The Autism Society of Ontario’s group has passed along this request from a researcher in Culver City:
Hello, I am a self-advocate and an autism researcher who helped design an online training study on knowledge of autism. It is the first of its kind to allow for comparison of views between people with and without autism, and is based on up-to-date autism research as well as ideas drawn from the autism community. It allows opportunities to comment on the training and measures. The study takes about an hour and must be completed in one sitting. Thank you!

You are invited to participate in a research study. The study is conducted under the direction of Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, Assistant Professor, College of Staten Island. The co-Investigators taking part in this study are Drs. Patricia Brooks, Nidal Najjar Dao, Fumio Someki, and Gizem Tanol. The purpose of this research study is to examine the efficacy of a web-based training about autism spectrum disorders. The results of this study may help in the development of effective web-based trainings about autism spectrum disorders.