January 2015 – Build your first website (Ages 8-17)

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Starting in 2015, CoderDojo Toronto is moving to an objective based session format, aiming to welcome and challenge students across multiple sessions. Students will work through a set of activity cards to the creation of ‘My First Website’.

To prepare for this event, you might want to consider what type of website you want to make. Some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • About your family
  • An issue that you care about (your community, environment, culture and society, music)
  • Highlight a collection or hobby (Embed videos or Scratch programs, archive your rare stamps)
  • Your small business
  • A website about sealife, horses, or dinosaurs 

If you know what you want to build a site about, what will it do? 

  • What pages will it have?
  • Who do you want to see this site?
  • Do you want people to be able to contact you from the site?
  • How should visitors of the site feel?
  • Do you want the visitors to complete an action on the site?

We are looking forward to mentoring you as you create your first website.

*Bitmaker Labs is a code academy for adults. It is located up a small flight of stairs. Wheelchair access is unfortunately not available at this time. Visit coderdojoto.com to download supplementary resources for use at home. Contact [email protected] with any questions about accessibility or if you have any questions about our session resources.

For Immediate Release: CoderDojoTo teams up with Bitmaker Labs and Financeit

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CoderDojoTo has teamed up with Bitmaker Labs to help youth ages 10-17 learn how to code. As a title venue sponsor, Bitmaker Labs will be providing meeting space for CoderDojoTo events.

Computer programs and computers have become intertwined with our daily lives, both at home and at work, assisting us and sometimes even making decisions for us altogether. CoderDojoTo and Bitmaker Labs both strongly support and promote computer literacy, which makes the partnership an ideal fit.

Financeit has also joined CoderDojoTO and Bitmaker Labs as the title sponsor, providing resources to students and covering costs to operate the volunteer-run program. All CoderDojoTo events will now be held at Bitmaker Labs. The next CoderDojoTo session (HTML/CSS: Website 101) will be taking place at 10:00AM on Sunday, February 23rd, at 20 Duncan Street on the 2nd floor. Bitmaker Labs will be moving to 220 King Street West in March, so the CoderDojoTo event in March will be held at the new headquarters.

The CoderDojo program is free to participate in. High school students who want to find out more about learning to write code are strongly encouraged to apply.

To get free tickets for the CoderDojoTo HTML/CSS: Website 101 session, register at: http://coderdojotofeb23.eventbrite.ca.

Become a CoderDojoTo student, sponsor or volunteer using the information below:

Twitter: @CoderDojoTo
Web: http://coderdojoto.com
Contact: Meaghan Bent, PR Coordinator – [email protected]

About CoderDojoTo:
CoderDojo is a global movement about providing free and open learning to youth, with an emphasis on computer programming. The Toronto chapter was founded to bring this movement to the GTA, inspire other chapters, and partner with other organizations to better introduce kids to coding.

Bitmaker Labs
Twitter: @BitmakerLabs
Web: http://bitmakerlabs.com
Contact: Lidia Sienkowska, Director of Community & Student Experience – [email protected]

Twitter: @Financeit
Web: http://financeit.ca
Contact: Casper Wong, COO – [email protected]