CoderDojo Programming Track Hack-Night @ Bento Miso & Google+ Hangout

By February 2, 2015classes

CoderDojoTo is hosting our first Programming Track Hack-Night on February 5th. The evening runs from 7pm – 11pm EST (come and go as you must). We will follow a loose structure to allow for ideation and creation of objective based learning packages. The goal is to build up curriculum by producing a wide range of info card packages to share with the global Coder Dojo community.

Who should attend?

This event is open to parents, mentors, coders, educators, librarians, press, and everyone else who would like to contribute to build out learning resources for all CoderDojo groups to use.

All are invited, please RSVP in advance. Register at Eventbrite or on Meetup. Or join the Google+ Hangout if you’re out of town!

What is CoderDojo Sushi?

Dojo Sushi is a method of communicating programming concepts which is suited to the CoderDojo environment. Concepts are communicated in easy-to-digest, bite-sited chunks (hence Sushi). Dojo Sushi is delivered on double-sided laminated cards known as Sushi Cards. One card = one concept.

See an example My First Website package

CoderDojo SurveySession Input Feedback:

Coders, caretakers & mentors are encouraged to fill out this feedback survey to help us better understand what our student community needs & wants to learn.


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