HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITE (HTML/CSS) – Website 101 walkthrough

By February 14, 2014blog, tips & tricks, tutorial
Sunday, February 23rd 2014 from 10AM-1PM
Bitmaker Labs – 20 Duncan Street, Toronto, ON – Unit 201

Toronto, ON – CoderDojoTo has free classes for young people to learn computer & code skills. By following our lead instructor’s visual presentation, students and mentors work together to create a unique web page.

You will need:

A text editor – The software we need to edit our code.
Text Wrangler for Mac (free) –
Notepad++ for Windows (free) –
Sublime Text for Windows (free trial)-
Sublime Text for Mac (free trial) –
A web browser – To view our code (hint: you’re using one to see this code too!)
The slides: 
View externally:

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