CoderDojoTo 6 – HTML5 & CSS3 animation

By April 27, 2014classes, tutorial
Masterclass in HTML5 and CSS3For each mini-topic, I’ll show how to do some sort of basic graphics primitive like draw a line or move an image across the screen. Then the kids will have some time to use that primitive to make their own pictures and stuff.
Mentors don’t have to know the material to help out. There are many basic things that kids will need help with like:
a) Many of the kids will make mistakes just typing things in, and they’ll need help fixing their typos (you’ll have to be patient. Some of the younger kids are very slow at typing. Try to resist the temptation of doing all the typing for them).
b) Other kids won’t have any ideas for pictures they want to draw on the computer, so you’ll need to inspire them.
c) And others will try to draw things that are too ambitious for the graphics primitives that they know
d) Some might have difficulty just with the idea of x and y coordinates
Here is a link to the hand-out, put together by Ming-Lee Iu:



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