CoderDojo Toronto – Scratch Games – 11/14 (Ages 8-17)

By November 12, 2014classes, tutorial

In this session, we will have a variety of exercises to teach Scratch, a great educational tool for teaching simple programming concepts to young learners.

Beginners can start out with an activity that teaches how to program some simple mini-games in Scratch. The first game includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple game and tries to familiarize you with how Scratch works.

The other games are designed as exercises with just a general description of what you need to program in order to make the game work. In the exercise handouts, the circles above each section show how hard the material is. The “Try It” sections are optional. If a “Try It” section is too hard, you can skip it and still end up with a working game at the end.


See you at the Dojo!

*Bitmaker Labs is a code academy for adults. It is located up a small flight of stairs. Wheelchair access is unfortunately not available at this time. Visit to download supplementary resources for use at home. Contact [email protected] with any questions about accessibility or if you have any questions about our session resources.


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