Earth day, which is happening this month on April 22nd is a day action to raise awareness about protecting the environment. Earth Day 2018 was about ending plastic pollution. This year, Earth Day 2019 is about protecting the worlds threatened and endangered species. Normally, about 1-5 species go extinct each year. Now it is estimated that species are going extinct at least 1000 times this rate, with multiple species going extinct daily. 1 in 8 Bird species are threatened with extinction, and many of the big cat species will go extinct in the next decade. One of the biggest challenges with the environment is educating people about the many species that are threatened or endangered and this will be the theme of this Kids Coding club this month.

The workshop for this month will be a HTML & CSS workshop to learn how to build a basic website. HTML & CSS is the foundation of web pages. For those that don’t know much about web pages essentially HTML is the content, and CSS is the styling. Understanding how it all works together is needed if you want eventually build really cool dynamic web pages or web applications like Scratch or Trinket. For cool (complex) web pages and web apps, you would normally use a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together. But for basic (but still very cool and stylish) web page you don’t need JavaScript. So to keep things simple, the workshop is just going to focus on HTML and CSS.


The event is free and being held at Bitmaker at 220 King Street West on the 2nd Floor, starting from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. To attend, please register at Eventbrite.

What is happening?

This event will have a Drop-in Lab, and the workshop will focus on learning HTML and CSS.

Drop-in Lab

Bring your own ideas, or use our project guides that are available for all skill levels. Everybody works at their own pace with help from the Mentors. Available activities for our drop-in sessions are:

  • Scratch – creating interactive stories or games (beginner, ages 6-10, minimal typing)
  • Web Development – make your own website or application (intermediate, ages 10+, typing skills required)
  • Arduino – learn hardware program with this easy-to-program circuit board (intermediate, ages 10+, typing skills required)
  • Something else? – tell us what you’d like to learn! Let one of the mentors know what you have in mind, and they will assist you with finding resources


The workshop will be lead by Mentor Caitlin. In celebration of Earth Day, we will be building web pages to spread the word about endangered species. We will be building web pages using HTML and styling them with some CSS. You can preview the project here. The websites will be built using Trinket. is a website that allows you to build websites (as well as run Python). Everybody will be encouraged to be as creative as possible with their web pages and styling. There will also be plenty of examples that you can work from to make something that looks really amazing!

Things to Remember

  • Kids coding drop-in lab, ages 8 – 17 only
  • Bring Your Own Laptop or Android Device
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Bring your own ideas or use our kid-friendly resources
  • Adult accompaniment required at all times
  • Bring a snack, but remember that we are a Peanut-Free environment
  • Have Fun!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Michael West

About Michael West

Michael is a CoderDojo Mentor with 10 years of teaching experience in IT. He has worked in Asia for several years teaching English to kids, and loves to program and tinker with electronics in his spare time. He currently works as a Technical Trainer at SuMO IT Solutions delivering ServiceNow Training