This past CoderDojo drop in lab was a great day for all involved.  The theme this month was Earth Day, and many of the Learners where doing awesome things with projects to do with the Earth Day theme. The topic of this lab’s workshop was HTML & CSS. HTML & CSS are the fundamental building blocks of the Web. Knowing how to use them helps you to create web pages, and also later (with JavaScript) to build web applications.


There were a lot of learners who wanted to showcase their work at this lab. On showcase were Python, HTML/CSS pages and Scratch projects that learners worked on.

The Python project used Python Turtle which allowed for drawing shapes. This project had the turtle draw a geometric patterns on the screen, using some of the turtle functions.

The first HTML project on Showcase was a HTML page one Facts about birds and arctic animals.

The second HTML Project on Showcase is a website on the prevention of animal extinction, discussing the environmental issues that impact animals.

The first scratch project Speedy Cat Colour. This was a colaboration between 2 learners which allows you to paint the screen with a very colourful cat.

The next project was Run. Run is a game that you have to run away from a ball that is chasing you. You need to dodge it for as long as you can.

The next project was Jumping Monkey. It is a game where you launch a monkey from a launcher and you have to try to get all the bananas.

The next project was Don’t Touch Purple. This is a game where you have to move a bat around the obstacles on the screen to the yellow exit without touching the purple obstacles on the screen.

The next project was Bunny Jump. It is a game where you control a jumping rabbit.

The final scratch project was Force Battle. A game where you are a cat fighting a ghost.

Closing Notes

There were some really great projects worked on in the April session. We look forward to seeing everybody next month. Be sure to look out for our HTML&CSS resources article if you want to dig deeper into Web pages.




Michael West

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Michael is a CoderDojo Mentor with 10 years of teaching experience in IT. He has worked in Asia for several years teaching English to kids, and loves to program and tinker with electronics in his spare time. He currently works as a Technical Trainer at SuMO IT Solutions delivering ServiceNow Training