CoderDojo Toronto – March 17th, 2019

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T-800 Terminator from the Terminator movies. It probably wasn’t programmed in Python

While you are busy celebrating International Womens Day with us tomorrow at Bitmaker, don’t forget to start thinking about what you are going to do at our regular Coderdojo Kids Coding Club event that is being held on March 17th, 2019. We didn’t put all the excitement into our IWD Learn to Code event. This month, in addition to the regular drop-in lab, we are exploring the Python language in our workshop.

Python is a fantastic language to learn. It is very easy to write and has English like syntax. It can be used to build many different types of programs, from web servers to games. Right now it is a very popular language used by Data Scientists and other types of Data Analysts. They use it to process their data to help them understand and solve complex problems.

Python has been around for a long time so there is a large list of libraries you can use to help create your project. These can be fairly simple things like Tweepy, which helps you connect to Twitter and get tweets. Or really complex things like OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) which you can use to build vision for your robot, or anti squirrel bird feeder defenses (the full, very technical, “how it was done” presentation is here). This is just a taste of some of the things you can do with Python. But don’t worry, we are starting with the basics, so you won’t be building a Terminator just yet.


The event is free and being held at Bitmaker at 220 King Street West on the 2nd Floor, starting from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. To attend, please register at Eventbrite.

What is happening?

This event will have a Drop-in Lab, and the workshop will focus on learning Python.

Drop-in Lab

Bring your own ideas, or use our project guides that are available for all skill levels. Everybody works at their own pace with help from the Mentors. Available activities for our drop-in sessions are:

  • Scratch – creating interactive stories or games (beginner, ages 6-10, minimal typing)
  • Web Development – make your own website or application (intermediate, ages 10+, typing skills required)
  • Arduino – learn hardware program with this easy-to-program circuit board (intermediate, ages 10+, typing skills required)
  • Something else? – tell us what you’d like to learn! Let one of the mentors know what you have in mind, and they will assist you with finding resources


An image of Python Turtle with a script and visual design

Python Turtle with a script

The Python workshop will be run by CoderDojo TO Chapter Champion, Tyler, to learn Python using Trinket and Turtley, which allows you to create Python in a web browser (usually you need to have to install lots of stuff). This makes it very easy to play around and get comfortable with Python. The workshop will use Python Turtle, which is a Python version of the old (1967) educational language Logo. Logo uses a ‘Turtle’ which you can move around the screen and draw lines and shapes. Python Turtle programs can be very complex and you can make interesting artwork programatically.

Everybody will be encouraged to be as creative as possible with their designs and shapes. There will also be plenty of examples that you can work from to make something that looks really amazing!

Things to Remember

  • Kids coding drop-in lab, ages 8 – 17 only
  • Bring Your Own Laptop or Android Device
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Bring your own ideas or use our kid-friendly resources
  • Adult accompaniment required at all times
  • Bring a snack, but remember that we are a Peanut-Free environment
  • Have Fun!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Michael West

About Michael West

Michael is a CoderDojo Mentor with 10 years of teaching experience in IT. He has worked in Asia for several years teaching English to kids, and loves to program and tinker with electronics in his spare time. He currently works as a Technical Trainer at SuMO IT Solutions delivering ServiceNow Training