Arduino Recap

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Video of CoderDojoTo 8

Check out this lovely video of highlights from the session:

Our Arduino session this past Sunday was awesome! Led by young Artash and his father, Vikas (@wonrobot), participants got to try out robotic experiments using Arduino: they programmed lights to blink at various intervals, built a switch to turn lights on and off, and built a battery-powered motor that runs on a timer (which, by the way, they coded themselves)!

The Nath family’s Curiousbot:

The handout from the lesson is here: check it out for review; or, if you couldn’t attend the session, use it as a how-to guide! It’s great and clear – props to Vikas and Artash.

Shopping for Arduino

A number of parents/guardians were asking about buying their own Arduino kits. Here’s our advice:

  • Vikas said that the cheapest option is ebay. Look for well-reviewed Chinese vendors to get a good bargain.
  • You can buy directly from the Arduino website. The prices are not as cheap as what you can find on ebay; on the other hand, it may be easier to shop from a dedicated Arduino store such as this.
  • If you have a certain project in mind, you may have to buy parts individually (“6 LEDs; 1 Arduino UNO board; 10 jumper wires,” for example), so how you shop will depend on whether you want to start with a kit or with a project-based shopping list.

See you Next Time

If you couldn’t attend the Arduino session, well, don’t fret: come to our next session! We’ll be doing something very cool: making music with code! See you there! (Does this make anyone else think of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop?)

CoderDojoTo 7 – Podcasting

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Next Session: May 18th, 10AM

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About the session:

In this session we will learn to create and publish podcast – a format making it really simple to syndicate of audio or video programs. Many young people are teaching the world through their own podcasts. Refreshments & TTC tokens provided (ask Meaghan of Adnan at the event). This event is hosted (as always) by our awesome venue sponsor Bitmaker Labs*.

Register your free tickets:

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter We hope you can make it! 

*Bitmaker Labs is a code academy for adults. It is located up a small flight of stairs. Wheelchair access is unfortunately not available at this time. Visit to download supplimentary resources for use at home. Contact [email protected] with any questions about accessibility or if you have any questions about our session resources.

Hacking Health Kids – Health Tech Bootcamp!

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Hacking Health Kids – Health Tech Bootcamp!
The Hospital for Sick Children is working with Hacking Health to organize the first hackathon in Canada aimed at solving problems in childhood health. In this weekend event, healthcare professionals will be working with designers and developers to create digital healthcare solutions for kids, their families, and caregivers.
Kids can be involved as well! We invite you to our free day-long Health Tech Bootcamp, open to teens ages 12-16. In this bootcamp, you will work with other teens to create a website about a child health issue. No experience necessary! Our instructors will teach you how to make a website from scratch. You’ll also get a chance to showcase your creations to everyone at the hackathon.
Date: Sunday, May 4th, 2014
Time: 9 AM to 4 PM. Check-in opens at 8 AM.
Where: SickKids Research Tower (PGCRL), 686 Bay St.
Requirements: Bring your own lunch!
How to register:
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Enter Promotional Code right above the green Order Now button
  3. Enter the access code: hhkids2014bootcamp
  4. Select the number of tickets, under “Health Tech Bootcamp”
  5. Click the green Order Now button

Ubisoft Sharity Day relay

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The ‘Sharity Day‘ Relay is a worldwide Ubisoft initiative, where kids or youth come into a Ubisoft studio and play a video game with our team. Ubisoft studios across the globe are involved in this 24 hour relay gaming marathon which will be streamed on Twitch TV. The event takes place place on Tuesday, May 6 and the Toronto streamed session will occur from noon – 1:00 pm.

To sign-up, contact Laura at Ubisoft ([email protected]) with the following information.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Grade:
  • Favourite game:
  • Bringing a parent/parents?:
  • Address (in case they need to sign an NDA)