Frequent Asked Questions (faq’s)

CoderDojoTo is a free-to-attend mentorship program for kids to learn about computing. Whether they have experience, or just an interest, we offer a space for them to explore at their own pace.

Why teach computer science?

“Computer science is a discipline that is increasingly necessary for success in modern careers. By 2020, 2/3 of computing jobs will go unfilled because the United States produces too few computer science majors. 70% of new jobs in science will be in computer science. Future jobs in nearly every industry will require data analysis.

Computer science is the study of computational thinking, or how to use logical thinking and abstraction to develop generalized solutions to complex problems. Your students’ critical thinking skills will improve by learning computer science, and it will show in their performance in other disciplines.” – Hopscotch

Plus, it’s good fun!

Does my student need a laptop?

Yes. It can be Windows or Mac. Alternatively/additionally, you can bring an Android device to use our AppInventor resources. Please let us know if you cannot arrange your own computer.

Does my student need to know code?

There is no requirements for attending a CoderDojo other than bringing yourself and a useable laptop. Every Dojo teaches a basic introduction as a starting point to learning how to code. From there children of all ages can begin to learn how to code in more advanced languages by learning from each other and from the mentors.

Do I have to be there?

Yes, caretakers are required to stay. Sitting with your child is important and you will have a lot of fun. We provide coffee and snacks and a comfortable lounge where parents can connect. Code is fun to be around!

I don’t know anything about Computers and I am worried I can’t help my child in the Dojo?

Don’t we all feel a bit left behind in this accelerating world. Don’t worry. Research has shown that encouragement is the best motivator for child led learning. Many of our parents don’t know the clicky end of a mouse but their children are excelling through pure encouragement from the parent. Just be ready to be amazed by your children. The most important thing is that your children will learn the survival skills for the 21st Century

What software do I need:

To be ahead of the game, you can install these safe and free software programs: