Arduino Recap

By June 24, 2014News

Video of CoderDojoTo 8

Check out this lovely video of highlights from the session:

Our Arduino session this past Sunday was awesome! Led by young Artash and his father, Vikas (@wonrobot), participants got to try out robotic experiments using Arduino: they programmed lights to blink at various intervals, built a switch to turn lights on and off, and built a battery-powered motor that runs on a timer (which, by the way, they coded themselves)!

The Nath family’s Curiousbot:

The handout from the lesson is here: check it out for review; or, if you couldn’t attend the session, use it as a how-to guide! It’s great and clear – props to Vikas and Artash.

Shopping for Arduino

A number of parents/guardians were asking about buying their own Arduino kits. Here’s our advice:

  • Vikas said that the cheapest option is ebay. Look for well-reviewed Chinese vendors to get a good bargain.
  • You can buy directly from the Arduino website. The prices are not as cheap as what you can find on ebay; on the other hand, it may be easier to shop from a dedicated Arduino store such as this.
  • If you have a certain project in mind, you may have to buy parts individually (“6 LEDs; 1 Arduino UNO board; 10 jumper wires,” for example), so how you shop will depend on whether you want to start with a kit or with a project-based shopping list.

See you Next Time

If you couldn’t attend the Arduino session, well, don’t fret: come to our next session! We’ll be doing something very cool: making music with code! See you there! (Does this make anyone else think of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop?)


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