2017 Fundraiser

CoderDojoTo - 2016 Fundraiser

CoderDojoTo runs a monthly code club for kids, and works with members of Toronto’s tech education community to develop resources and increase the coverage of participation and mentorship in communities across the GTA.

Click here to donate to our 2017 GoFundMe online fundraising campaign.
Our specific goals for 2017:

  • Attain Charitable status in Canada.
  • Create better offline resources targeted to a young demographic to inspire curiosity.
  • Offer more classes in more locations.
  • Strengthen existing partnerships.
  • Encourage and support CoderDojo Foundation growth across Canada
  • Increase mentor volunteerism through partnership
  • Be able to supply laptops for use at events for those without their own

All money goes toward projects and initiatives aligned with CoderDojo Foundation ‘s guidelines. We are working to achieve the vision of a world where every child has the opportunity to learn to code and be creative in a safe and social environment!